Apple Raspberry Pie & Vanilla Sauce

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The classic apple pie at T’ART comes with juicy apples marinated in rum, cinnamon, raisins & demerara sugar. Some fresh raspberries to add to this succulent melange. Chuck in chunks of vanilla butter cake, top the mix with some cinnamon streusel and dress it up with sweet pastry rolled with cinnamon. What do we get – T’ART  !



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1 review for Apple Raspberry Pie & Vanilla Sauce

  1. Neena

    I write this review wholly & plainly on what the product in question deserves.They say simplicity is elegance and with this product too from T’ART – it clearly defines this statement with what I had. With my love for fruit, this apple raspberry pie for Mothers day was the best thing I could have received. With its very varied flavours, each combining & complementing each other so very well, this pie was definitely a stand out with all the other equally great goodies that T’ART does create – making this special moment/ day a whole lot more special. Thank you T’ART as always for making it so. Wishing the team at T’ART the very best in creating more such magic.

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